St. Kitts – Best Beaches

St. Kitts offers a lesser known variety of Caribbean beaches with unique qualities for a special island experience. The beaches at this stunning leeward island may not possess the classic pearly white Caribbean sand, however, what it lacks in the typical tropical aesthetics, it makes up for some of the most tranquil waters and mesmerizing sceneries in the region, not to mention the vast opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and just about every beach or water sport activity you may fancy. Ladies and Gents, we present you the top beaches of St. Kitts.

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Frigate Bay South – Situated in St. Kitts’ southeast peninsula, Frigate Bay South features a long stretch of golden sand with very calm waters. It is lined with some of the most famous beach bars and restaurants in the island, including, Mr X Shiggidy Shack Bar & Grill and Monkey Bay, thus earning its moniker “The Strip.” A famous spot for watersports activities, visitors can take advantage of the spectacular snorkeling found at the either end of the beach, as well as windsurfing and water-skiing.

South Friars Bay – Possessing the standard southeast coast’s light amber-colored sand, South Friar’s Bay is a favorite spot for picnics and parties. Relax and take a dip at the calm and clear water or lounge fully exposed to the Caribbean sun or under the shade of a palapa while sipping a fruity drink from one of the beach bars such as, Carambola Beach Club, Godfather’s Music Beach Bar, Sunset, and Shipwreck Bars. Scale the wide stretch of soft sand and take in the views of rolling hills and the blue skies.

Cockleshell Bay – At the tip of the island’s south east coast, Cockleshell Bay features two miles of the lightest colored sand in all of St. Kitts. It sits directly on the Narrows or the channel between St. Kitts and Nevis, affording a splendid view of the neighboring island. Well placed beach bars, restaurants and grills offer liquor-laced refreshments and local gastronomic delights.

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White House Beach – The rocky coastline at White House Beach does not make the beach particularly for swimming, however, it does tender excellent snorkeling. White House Bay houses several reefs surrounding a sunken tugboat, and a large exposed wreck- believed to be a 1740s British Troop Ship that sunk in 1782 during the battle of Frigate Bay. Enjoy the seclusion the beach offers, the stunning scenery and the calm waters, and check out why it’s one of the favorite anchorages of yachties.

Majors Bay – If you’re looking to get away from the crowds, Major’s Bay is for you. Found on the Southeastern tip of St. Kitts, this lovely bay features a long stretch of golden sand with lovely calm and warm waters. Visit the small but well protected boat anchorage and watch yachts of different sizes set against the backdrop of the rolling hills and the Caribbean Sea.

Visit the top beaches of St. Kitts on your day stop at Basseterre. These are just five of the many beaches waiting for you on your cruise trip to St. Kitts.


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