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Explore the Best Beaches in Bonaire

Clean, secluded and uncrowded. This is what best describes the beaches in Bonaire.  Although some of them are narrow and may have their share of washed up bleached corals, Bonaire beaches are the some few destinations in the Caribbean known for their intimate atmosphere.  The leeward side enjoys calm waters perfect for relaxation, while those at the east coast have rougher seas perfect for watersports.

Things To Do In Kralendjik, Bonaire

Kralendijk, the sleepy capital of Bonaire, is a quiet and clean port town teeming with sights and activities. Even though the most locals refer to their capital city as Playa, or Beach, because of the quintessential Caribbean beaches within a stone's throw, there are many more destinations set in this beautiful city. Here is a list of the things to do in Kralendijk to keep.