Getting a great deal on a flight to the Caribbean really isn’t difficult–you’ve just got to a little planning.  In many cases, you can even save your search and get email alerts sent to you when fares drop.  Of course, travel to the Caribbean gets more expensive when you’d expect it to–over the holidays and school vacations, most definitely.  But, if you can be a little flexible with your plans, you can save a lot of money!

The first thing to look at is traveling mid-week instead of around the weekend.  Most cruises start on a Sunday and end on a Sunday, but if you can arrive or depart a few days early or after your cruise ends, you can save big.

If you’re planning to stay at a resort or hotel, consider coming in on a Tuesday or Wednesday.  These are the quietest days in the hotels, as most people check in Thursday and depart on Sunday or Monday.

Here’s just a few great deals on Caribbean destinations you might enjoy.  Just click the link for most current deals to that area.

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